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To be the owner of a trademark, the procedure of registering it in the trademark office of each country is a must. To use a brand and not take the legal precaution to become the owner of its trademark, may result in serious problems for companies. The economic investment involved in registering a trademark is minimal compared to the cost of having to spend time and money on solving legal disputes in the future, with the impending risk of losing investments made in advertising, signage, labels, institutional stationery, etc., carried out to position the trademark in the market. Besides the fact that the trademark may have acquired a vast economic value that could dissolve in an instant.

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Our Services

  • Advice prior to the registration of a trademark
  • Registration feasibility analysis
  • Registration and administrative procedures
  • Legal custody
  • Defense of vested rights
  • Renewal / transfer of trademarks
  • Purchase and sale of trademarks or goodwills
  • Legal advice to license or franchise rights

First Steps Towards Registration


Availability of the trademark

Registries are surveyed to find out whether there are any similar or identical trademarks in the same product or service category. The results must be reviewed by professionals in our law firm in order to interpret them appropriately.


Identification of classes

The stage of identifying classes or categories of products or services to which the trademark will be applied. These are classified in an international catalog. Trademark catalog


Consultation with a professional

Professional consultation (our law firm shall get in touch with you shortly to inform you of the feasibility of the registration and, if applicable, to initiate the process of protecting the trademark involved before the State registration entity in each country consulted). Consultation form

Valuation and Appraisals of Trademarks

A registered trademark is an asset that adds to a person or company's equity and may therefore be purchased, sold, assigned, or transferred for any reason, licensed, seized, or offered as guarantee for a loan, as an inheritable asset, etc.
As regards the purchase and sale of trademarks, it is necessary to quantitate its price, which involves an analysis by professionals who are experts in the valuation of trademarks, who use a variety of methods to make an appropriate and objective appraisal, analyzing key aspects of the trademark, such as:

  • The use of the trademark within a particular time and territory
  • The amounts invested in publicity and positioning
  • The annual profitability from exploitation of the trademark
  • An analysis of potential profitability
  • A reckoning of the market share in the face of other competing trademarks
  • The investment made in registries and the acquisition of exclusive rights

Your Trademark on the Internet

In the context of the new globalized economy, the Internet has become an indispensable tool for the free exchange of goods and services by electronic means (e-commerce). This has generated the need for information to be available on web pages, social networks, or newsletters, which in turn demands a degree of originality sufficient to reach potential customers. It therefore becomes necessary to protect these creations under intellectual and industrial copyright laws to ensure their exclusivity.
The legal system is currently updating and perfecting the legal tools available to envisage the recovery of domain names usurped by those who lack a genuine interest and who have registered them simply for speculative purposes.

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