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Many companies make the important decision of expanding in the market by replicating the success of their business by franchising, thus enhancing the intensity of use of the trademark and its positioning in the market.
Franchising makes it possible to compete on a large scale without the need for own resources and investment, both domestically and internationally.
The franchisee, meanwhile, will have the possibility of reducing to a minimum the risk of his investment thanks to the proven success of a trademark with its own prestige, great recognition, and acceptance by the consuming public, benefiting continually from the advertising hired by the franchiser and freed from the costs incurred by experimentation in particular commercial environments. Franchising agreements call for a license for the use and operation of a trademark and the transfer of know-how, both through staff training and the use of operations and business management manuals.

Our Services

  • Franchisable product analysis and its legal protection
  • Preparation of contracts
  • Negotiating purchase and sale of franchises
  • Auditing franchisees
  • Trials in the specialty

Registrations Abroad

Economic globalization allows companies to offer their products or services abroad, forcing them to decide whether the marketing will be carried out with their own trademark or whether it will be convenient or necessary to use the trademark of a third party already positioned in the chosen markets. At this point, it should be noted that the exclusive right granted by the registration of a trademark is territorial and it will therefore be necessary to protect the trademark in each country of interest, or to manage licenses of use and commercial exploitation for third party trademarks in the different territories or countries of interest.
Expanding the territory of the trademark into the international arena is an excellent way to increase its value, even for local action. The global scenario requires permanent protection of the trademark and other intellectual and industrial rights belonging to the company.

Our Services

  • Feasibility analysis of trademarks or patents abroad
  • Registry management and protection of rights through a prestigious network of agencies, strategically located in the most important capitals and cities worldwide.
  • Control and monitoring of management entrusted to foreign colleagues.
  • Counseling and support in legal action.
  • Counseling and support in licensing.
  • Counseling on sale and purchase of intellectual and industrial property rights.

Purchase and Sale of Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights

Another service offered by our company is the counseling, valuation, contract drafting, review of documentation, and mediation in the purchase, sale, or transfer of trademarks, patents, models, designs, and intellectual property rights in general.

NThere is no doubt that trademarks have great economic value whereby they constitute an increasingly robust negotiating factor for companies. Mergers, acquisitions, licensing, or franchising will be big business for the company if the trademark is a valuable asset, i.e., if the trademark has acquired real value, becoming one of the company's major assets.

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Bar Codes

The bar code is a set of figures, bars, and spaces in a particular order or structure that contains coded information. Bar codes are required in large commercial centers so that digital readers can access the product information immediately and unequivocally.

Intellectual work is considered to include scientific, literary or artistic work, musical compositions, films, drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture, models and works of art or science applied to commerce or industry, software, plans and maps, photographs, records, etc.

Our Services

  • Processing and obtaining company and product codes

Unfair Competition

In today's economy, the valuation of intangible assets (intellectual or industrial property) has increased proportionally to that of physical assets, often reaching even greater economic value than the latter.
Thus the unauthorized use of trademarks or patents, illegal copying of software, unauthorized copying and reproduction of music, photos, images, text, information, and other forms of piracy, espionage of technology, business plans, strategy, and trade secrets, etc., are just some of the forms of unfair competition.

Such practices generate legal accountability and substantial compensations. The various laws of Intellectual and Industrial Property, as well as the provisions of civil and criminal law and specific existing regulations against unfair competition, call for strong legal action to prevent these practices and to pursue any compensation due.

Our Services

  • Counseling required for defense against unfair competition
  • Trade secret protection
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Trading strategies for trade agreements or sale of rights
  • Trials in the specialty

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